Author: esmudde

Having a bad day? These will help!

I spend way too much time online. I usually bounce back and forth between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I follow some cat-related profiles on all of them. I even […]

You know you’re a cat owner if…

Yesterday was a long day. I was tired and ready for bed, and yet I stood at the side of my bed for 10 minutes waiting for my cat to […]

The Internet is for Cat People, too

Someone once said... "The internet is full of cat people because dog people go outside." I couldn't tell you who said that, but I've seen it everywhere online. As a cat person, […]

A little black cat crossed my path

I remember the day my mother, sister and I went to pick out our first cat. The room was small and noisy and the walls were lined with cages, filled with […]

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