Month: June 2016

Litterbox Lessons: The Litterbox Location

People love their cats. But people generally don’t love litterboxes. And that’s understandable – they can be dusty, smelly, sticky, and just unpleasant to deal with. Which means that litterboxes […]

That Peculiarity Called Pica

By Nomi Berger Pica (from the Latin term “magpie”) is the term for a feline’s affinity for eating anything that isn’t FOOD. And although it appears most frequently in young cats, […]

Give Your Cat the Freedom of Choice!

We like to think that, in our homes and daily lives, we are in control.  Having a measure of control is something that gives us a sense of security, predictability, […]

Keeping Cats Cool in the Heat

By Nomi Berger, guest writer Picture yourself on a sweltering summer day wearing a long fur coat. Are you hot yet? Itchy? Thirsty? Desperately searching for shade? Now picture your cats […]

Litterbox Lessons: Litterbox Access For All!

I'd like to tell you a short story.  I'm sharing this story with you because cat behaviorists are people too, and the cats they live with are, well, also cats.  […]

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