Author: Amy Libby

Lux the (in)famous cat

I got into a fight on Facebook with someone I've never met this week. (Gasp! Shocker! That never happens, right?) The topic? The now-infamous cat from Portland named Lux that […]

This is the hard part

I debated writing about the last adoption experience that Bob and I had because I wouldn't ever want to discourage anyone from adopting an animal from the shelter. But after […]

What kind of cat are you?

Like everyone else on Facebook, I've taken a dozen or so Buzzfeed quizzes in the last few weeks. So I can tell you for certain that I belong in New York, […]

Kittens, firefighters and YouTube

My husband loves to send me cat videos, the more tearjerking the better. And after the fire at our condo complex two weeks ago, this hits pretty close to home. "Lucky" […]

$9 for nine lives

I follow quite a few of the Humane Society and rescue groups on Facebook. My husband volunteers for Family Dogs New Life shelter in Portland as a photographer and I […]

The Internet is for cats

The Internet is for cats. Everyone knows this of course. We have something like 90 percent of the sum total of knowledge of the human race at our finger tips — […]

Adding to the menagerie

My parents have adopted another cat. This brings the total in their house to three plus one corgi/German shepherd mix. They weren't really planning to adopt another animal but I know […]

To self-feed or not to self-feed

I've owned cats most of my life. And, in general, it feels like there are fewer decisions about how you're going to "raise" a cat than come up with a […]

The story of Rory

My husband is mostly a dog person. He's an animal lover who loves all animals equally, but he loves dogs and turkeys and goats a little more equally that he […]

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