Portland Trail Blazers

Terrel Harris suspended

Portland Trail Blazers guard Terrel Harris will serve a five-game suspension at the start of the 2013-2014 season for violating terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program, the league announced on Monday. "Harris' […]

John Allen on his surprise invitation from the Blazers

Late last night, John Allen had just wrapped a session at the gym when his cell phone rang. It was his agent telling him about his very first job interview. The Portland […]

Glen Rice, Jr. on Blazer workouts

Glen Rice, Jr. completed his sixth NBA pre-draft workout on Friday as one of six players invited to the Portland Trail Blazers' practice facility. But his count, he should have seven […]

Sherwood Brown and Brandon Davies On How to Make it to the NBA

Imagine this. A couple good weeks in March could be your introduction to really important people. Or, that a tournament held in East of Nowhere, Virginia could land you a million-dollar job. These scenarios […]

New Blazers assistant coach Nate Tibbetts: “My job is … to try to help guys get better.”

Before they were Blazers: newly-hired Trail Blazer assistant coach Nate Tibbetts and current assistant Dale Osbourne pictured together at a Tulsa 66ers game. Tibbetts was the head coach for the […]

Defending Kobe: What’s Ahead for Will Barton

Young teams can be an exhausting lot. After all, some would argue that the N.B.A. means "No Boys Allowed" as this game favors grown men. While Houston (average age 24.9 […]

The Education of Damian Lillard

After all the contact Damian Lillard has taken during his rookie season, he has slowly developed a line of communication with game officials. Remember plays like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp8KYmtrz0E Kobe basically smacked Damian Lillard upside […]

Future of the bench

After the Trail Blazers' 102-95 loss to Milwaukee last night, several story lines emerged. Yes, the Blazers rallied once again, fighting, scratching and clawing like the plucky underdogs they are to […]

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