Month: April 2013

Blazers owner Paul Allen reflects on season, expects a summer of change

Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen said that before embarking on the season, he felt the year would be “interesting.” Over the previous summer, the team had transitioned with a […]

Defending Kobe: What’s Ahead for Will Barton

Young teams can be an exhausting lot. After all, some would argue that the N.B.A. means "No Boys Allowed" as this game favors grown men. While Houston (average age 24.9 […]

The Education of Damian Lillard

After all the contact Damian Lillard has taken during his rookie season, he has slowly developed a line of communication with game officials. Remember plays like this... Kobe basically smacked Damian Lillard upside […]

Damian Lillard vs Veteran Point Guards

We all know that Portland Trail Blazers rookie Damian Lillard is the best point guard of the 2012 draft class. And it's not a stretch to declare Lillard the best first-year […]

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