Month: June 2013

Michael Jackson needed REM sleep, and so do the Blazers

A very interesting tidbit about the Portland Trail Blazers was recently revealed in the least likely place you'd expect - the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial. According to reports, Dr. Charles Czeisler - […]

Alex Len in Blazers’ scope, calls team “great organization”

Two weeks ago after the Portland Trail Blazers saw Indiana center Cody Zeller up close and personal for an individual workout, the team quietly shuffled in another highly-touted big man in this […]

John Allen on his surprise invitation from the Blazers

Late last night, John Allen had just wrapped a session at the gym when his cell phone rang. It was his agent telling him about his very first job interview. The Portland […]

Glen Rice, Jr. on Blazer workouts

Glen Rice, Jr. completed his sixth NBA pre-draft workout on Friday as one of six players invited to the Portland Trail Blazers' practice facility. But his count, he should have seven […]

Sherwood Brown and Brandon Davies On How to Make it to the NBA

Imagine this. A couple good weeks in March could be your introduction to really important people. Or, that a tournament held in East of Nowhere, Virginia could land you a million-dollar job. These scenarios […]

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