Bill Turlay

City councilor lashes out over email

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay really doesn’t like Portland activist and newsletter-writer Richard Ellmyer, if a recent email correspondence between the two is any indication. In response to a political newsletter […]

Art, hamburgers and the Turlays

A motion to reestablish an Arts, Culture & Heritage Commission in Vancouver to the tune of $400,000 a year met some resistance from the Turlays this week. Councilor Bill Turlay and […]

Surprise. Turlay’s endorsing Stewart.

In a twist that will shock exactly no one, Bill Turlay is endorsing Jeanne Stewart for Vancouver City Council Position 6. Stewart, who announced Wednesday that she’s running for a seat […]

Vancouver hosts debate of global significance

In two and a half hours of debate about climate change, Kyle Dittmer may have uttered the most pressing question of all. "Why are we even having a debate about this […]

The Odd Couple

A lively exchange between former Mayor Bruce Hagensen and Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay was the highlight of Monday's council meeting. Seriously, if we want to improve public participation in local […]

Sign drama continues with “Turlay” and “Stewart” stickers

Well, somebody has been busy plastering stickers on signs. Earlier this week, I wrote about election sign drama, including a sign that singled out Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman for raising property […]

Stewart vague about why she didn’t challenge Leavitt

Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Stewart and challengers Ty Stober and Alishia Topper met with The Columbian's editorial board this week for a group interview, which will help the editorial board decide […]

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