Author: Marissa Harshman

Of widows and air conditioning

The sweltering temperatures prompted Clark County councilors to discuss heat safety during this week’s board of health meeting. The conversation started out innocent enough. Councilor Jeanne Stewart was curious what role Clark […]

Affordable Care Act 101

An estimated 57,000 people in Clark County were uninsured prior to the Affordable Care Act. That Clark County could have residents without health coverage was apparently news to Commissioner David Madore. During […]

The doctor is back

Dr. Mielke is back. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Mielke, let me bring you up to speed. During a board of health meeting in March 2011, Commissioner Tom Mielke – a […]

Local officials and handguns

What better way to spend a Saturday night than at an event with Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, State Sen. Don Benton and a Wall of Guns. I infiltrated the Friends […]

Flashback Friday

Let’s kick off the weekend – and the start of a new month – with a Flashback Friday. Today, Battle Ground City Councilor Mike Ciraulo and his wife, Gilda, celebrate their […]

Location, location, location

How’s that saying go? “It’s all about location, location, location?” The county commissioners sitting on the Southwest Washington Behavioral Health governing board had lots to say about location during their 2 […]

Rock and Roll All Nite

Pop quiz: Can you spot the real Gene Simmons? Maybe the better question is, “Can you identify the Simmons lookalike?” I’ll give you a hint: The Battle Ground public official has a […]

Fun with words

I think we can all agree one annoying side effect of election season is campaign signs. For months, every scrap of roadside greenspace is plastered with signs. Not only are the […]

Grandpa Mielke

We’ve written a few times about Commissioner Tom Mielke’s fondness of cars, but we recently discovered another of Mielke’s treasures. Last week, he spoke about his love for his grandkids – […]

Curb your enthusiasm

The mavens may have found someone who enjoys talking about septic systems more than Commissioner Tom Mielke: environmental public health program manager Aaron Henderson. Henderson gave a presentation titled “On-Site Septic […]

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