Month: October 2012

Ms. Naughtypants on Team Madore

There are two problems with listing everyone who has "liked" your Facebook page as a supporter, as Clark County commissioner candidate David Madore did on a recent ad. First, as […]

Clark County Shark Tank

A county resident talked his way out of some free cash from Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke during the public comment period of the Oct. 30 county commissioner meeting. Apparently, Dave […]

Problem solved?

Christian Berrigan has some new signs. And these probably only look like traffic signs to those who saw the last ones. Berrigan put a couple shots of the new design up […]

Hey Greg, did you get my ballot?

Concerned about whether your ballot made it to the Clark County Auditor's Office? Don't bother calling Auditor Greg Kimsey or Elections Supervisor Tim Likness. They've got enough going on. Simply […]

County addressing concerns as election draws near

A couple of Clark County residents have been worrying over foreign involvement in the election process as Nov. 6 draws near. Officials have responded to some of the concerns, and since […]

Rock and Roll All Nite

Pop quiz: Can you spot the real Gene Simmons? Maybe the better question is, “Can you identify the Simmons lookalike?” I’ll give you a hint: The Battle Ground public official has a […]

Prop. 1 up in flames?

In any newsroom, a lot of planning goes into election night. What issues or races are most important? Which interviews are lined up once results start coming in? What will […]

Leavitt, Walters among mayors supporting Ref. 74

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Battle Ground Mayor Lisa Walters are among city leaders who have endorsed Referendum 74. Both Leavitt and Walters are listed on Mayors for the Freedom to […]

Tanner calls out Mielke for false statements

While I was just looking at the pictures in Commissioner Tom Mielke's four-page advertisement, Mielke's opponent, Ridgefield resident Joe Tanner, was reading the words. Tanner wrote this today in response […]

Gathe says “no basis” for ethics investigation

Former Clark County resident, Robert Dean, filed an ethics complaint against Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt. Here's City Attorney Ted Gathe's response, which was emailed to Leavitt and city councilors on […]

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