Month: November 2013

“Integrity” already defined in county HR manual

Earlier this week, Clark County commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke approved an "integrity resolution," much to the eye-rolling of Commissioner Steve Stuart. As Erik Hidle reported, commissioners debated the document […]

C-Tran vs. C-Tran

If you're planning to visit Cary, N.C., any time soon, don't worry about finding public transportation. C-Tran has you covered. No, not that C-Tran. This C-Tran is also known as Cary […]

Flowers for Jeannes

The Vancouver City Council will honor outgoing members Jeanne Harris and Jeanne Stewart on Dec. 9. A few flower-bearing people took time Monday during citizen communications to thank the councilors. Carolyn […]

They’re more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules

Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke noted during Wednesday's board time meeting that commissioners will likely need to make changes to their rules of practice because legal staff has told them […]

“Proud Past, Frightening Future”

Former Clark County Human Resources Director Steve Foster, who left the job in 2001, wrote a mock job posting on Clark County Citizens for Good Governance, a Facebook group. The post […]

The Jeannes condemn the fact Burkman, not Leavitt, signed a letter

Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Stewart questioned why Councilor Jack Burkman was allowed to sign a letter to U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley on behalf of the Vancouver City […]

Brain drain at Clark County

At last night's rowdy meeting of Clark County commissioners, a former county employee told the triumvirate of David Madore, Tom Mielke and Steve Stuart what their staff thinks of the […]

APIL Presents: MasterPuppet Theater

Welcome to a very special post on All Politics is Local, in which we explore the just-asked-by-us questions: "What would happen if we had sock puppets stand in for public […]

Mielke believes there’s a chance, a hope

While talking this past week on how to get public commenters to stop talking all mean about people, the Clark County triumvirate of David Madore, Tom Mielke and Steve Stuart […]

“You’ve got to know when you have your votes”

Sometimes it's best to quit while you're ahead. Clark County Commissioner David Madore appeared to have majority support for a transit-related resolution during this week's C-Tran board meeting, only to see […]

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