Month: November 2013

“Cool, Demure Mayor”? No, that isn’t right

During a Nov. 8 fundraising event, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt was featured in a video that would have been a little awkward had the Nov. 5 election results turned out […]

The enemy of my enemy …

... is my friend. That's the saying that came to mind when I saw this photo of Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and former Mayor Royce Pollard, who was defeated by […]

Short & sweet

When I wrote Thursday's story about Bill Turlay conceding the mayoral race, I didn't have a copy of his email and Mayor Tim Leavitt hadn't yet received it. But if you […]

Madore has done good things for open government

At Wednesday's board time meeting of Clark County commissioners, the county's lead public information officer shared with the board her disappointment over a recent television news story that painted the […]

Crain creates commotion, claiming calumny

Shortly after Tuesday night's election stories began appearing online, freeholder candidate Carolyn Crain appeared in The Columbian comments section to make some bold claims. But the comments weren't about her recent […]

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