Copy and Paste for Fitness & Health

Sticking to a health, fitness and nutrition program is challenging, but it may be easier than you think. Researchers Katy Milkman and Angela Duckworth, authors of Grit: The Power of […]

Runners Must Strengthen Their Hips

Many people start a running program in January to help achieve their resolutions to get in shape. The unfortunate result is many will soon experience knee pain.  There is an important […]

Exercises For Runners

Vancouver is home to two very popular running events in the fall, the PeaceHealth AppleTree Marathon, Half & 5K and the Girlfriends Half/10K/5K hosted by Why Racing Events. You will […]

Trail Running For Your Health

Trail running is on the rise. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, fresh air or the numerous physical health benefits, people are opting to head outdoors and run some dirt. We […]

Maintaining Your Health During Tough Times

When times are tough, one of the first things people will sacrifice is their health but that's the last thing you should do, especially during a global health crisis.  Looking and […]

Surviving Relay Run

In the next week, over 12,000 local runners will tackle the Hood to Coast Relay event. Each team consists of 12 runners in 2 vans who each complete 3 legs […]

Run to Get Fit on Global Running Day

Many recognize that running is a great way to lose weight and get into great shape. Unfortunately, most don’t know how to progress correctly and wind up injured. The good news […]

Train to Run APPLETREE – Week 6

It’s Race Week! Time flies when you’re having fun! You will experience a lot of adrenaline and feed off the energy of others at the race but continue to listen […]

Train to Run APPLETREE – Week 5

We have 2 weeks left to get you to the finish line. Remember that half the battle is your mindset. So get your mind straight and believe that you can […]

Train to Run APPLETREE – Week 4

Are you feeling stronger? The program probably doesn’t feel easier because as you’re getting more fit, I’m making the program harder as you progress. We are three weeks in and […]

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