Month: September 2018

Take Advantage of Fall and Get Fit!

It’s not as hot, kids are back to school, vacations are over and many people use this time to “Fall back into Fitness”. Here’s some easy tips to put ‘Fitness […]

Fit For The Rain

After enjoying a wonderful summer, we’re probably all bracing for the rainy season. So how do you stay fit, when it’s rainy and cold? Many people notice that their activity […]

Monitor Your HEART!

At Northwest Personal Training, we have recently implemented a new system called Fit-Metrix which tracks our clients’ heart rate during workouts, time in each training zones, calories burned and more. […]

Train to Run APPLETREE – Week 6

It’s Race Week! Time flies when you’re having fun! You will experience a lot of adrenaline and feed off the energy of others at the race but continue to listen […]

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