“Fat letters” aren’t influencing teens

Turns out those so-called “fat letters” informing parents that they have an overweight child aren’t leading to weight loss among adolescents. In the last few years, more and more schools have […]

Find your personal calorie number

Ever wonder how many calories you should be eating in order to maintain your weight or drop a few pounds? The folks at the National Institutes of Health have you covered. […]

Using berries to convert excess fat into calorie-burning fat

Washington State University scientists have found a way to convert excess white fat into calorie-burning beige fat – and all it takes is a daily dose of berries. In the study, […]

Average American woman weighs as much as man in 1960s

The average American woman now weighs 166 pounds – the same amount as the average man in the 1960s. In the last 50 years, the average weight of a woman has […]

Obesity costs $2 trillion globally

A new study found obesity’s global economic impact is about $2 trillion – nearly as much as smoking. A research paper by McKinsey Global Institute concludes more than 2.1 billion people […]

American waistlines continue to grow

The average waistline of Americans grew by more than an inch in the last decade. In addition to the growing waistlines, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found […]

Study: Parents think overweight kids are healthy weight

As waistlines continue to grow, parents are having a tougher time recognizing their children are overweight. A new study found parents are 24 percent less likely to spot a child’s weight […]

The breakfast debate

Researchers are questioning whether breakfast really helps with weight loss. Two trials tested the merits of the most important meal of the day and were published in the August issue of […]

Cost of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is a costly issue in the U.S. New research estimates the price tag is about $19,000 per child. Researchers from Duke Global Health Institute and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School […]

Holiday calorie burners

The holidays are here and with them often come tasty food, sweet treats and extra calories. But some of your everyday activities leading up to the holidays can burn calories. Here are […]

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