Month: December 2013

Flush-faced drinkers

You know that guy who gets flush in the face when drinking alcohol? Well, new research suggests that could be a warning sign of future health problems Researchers from South Korea […]

Pregnancy and peanuts

Turns out, peanuts may not be as bad for pregnant women as once thought. A study released today shows an association between pregnant women who ate peanuts and tree nuts and […]

Vaping Santa

I know Santa isn’t always heralded as the picture of perfect health, but smoking – excuse me – “vaping?” That’s just not very Santa-like. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids seems to […]

Pets protecting kids from allergies

Scientists have for years said kids who grow up with dogs and cats are less likely to develop allergies or asthma. And now, a team of researchers is getting closer to […]

The bread taste test

Manufacturers could reduce the amount of sodium in loaves of bread and people wouldn’t likely even taste a difference. And even if they did, most would still like the lower-sodium bread. Researcher’s […]

Benefits of smog?

Did you know there are benefits to having your country blanketed in smog? Well, according to China’s government-run media outlets, there are several “surprising benefits” of the smog covering swaths of […]

Holiday calorie burners

The holidays are here and with them often come tasty food, sweet treats and extra calories. But some of your everyday activities leading up to the holidays can burn calories. Here are […]

Cities cracking down on e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are under attack from health officials on each of the coasts. On the West Coast, the Los Angeles City Council is cracking down on the sales of e-cigarettes. On the […]

Researchers are creating a ‘smart bra’

On the heels of the Xbox One release, researchers at Microsoft are working on the next big thing: the smart bra. The new women’s undergarment was revealed in a new paper, […]

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