The holidays are here and with them often come tasty food, sweet treats and extra calories.

But some of your everyday activities leading up to the holidays can burn calories.

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Here are some calorie burners, courtesy of this “Time” article and WebMD’s fitness calorie calculator, the Fit-o-Meter:

Clearing the dinner table for 10 minutes: 28 calories

Standing in line at the toy store for 30 minutes: 47 calories

Wrapping gifts for 30 minutes: 48 calories

Decorating the Christmas tree for 30 minutes: 85 calories

Baking and meal preparations for one hour: 159 calories

Cleaning house for one hour: 191 calories

Sledding for 30 minutes: 239 calories

Shopping (non-grocery) for two hours: 314 calories

*Calorie totals based on 150-pound adult.

Marissa Harshman

Marissa Harshman

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