Exercise DVDs could hamper workouts

Those exercise DVDs that allow people to work out from the comfort of their own homes may be inflicting psychological damage. Oregon State University researchers conducted a study of 10 popular […]

Pet ownership saves billions in health care costs

Having a pet not only improves one’s health, it saves billions in health care costs, according to a new study. The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation announced this week the […]

Resolve to get pets healthier

New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for humans – our four-legged friends can benefit from healthier routines as well. Doctors from ACCES, an emergency veterinary hospital in Seattle, are encouraging pet owners […]

The burn before the feast

The average American will consume more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving – more than twice the recommended daily caloric intake. Research by the Calorie Control Council found the average holiday dinner […]

Alcohol: The workout buzzkill

Alcohol may be the most commonly consumed drug among athletes, but that the alcohol can impact your workouts days later. While it takes the average person about 90 minutes to metabolize […]

Portland-metro area third fittest in country

When it comes to physical fitness, Portland wins the competition for Northwest cities. Portland was ranked the third-fittest city in the country in the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual American […]

Running with dogs

Runner’s World magazine is combining two of my favorite things this week: running and dogs. Today, Runner’s World kicked off dog week and promised a week full of stories about running […]

Obese women exercise only one hour a year

The average obese woman gets only one hour of vigorous exercise each year, according to a new study in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Obese men don’t fair much better, according to the […]

Teens more stressed than adults

Teenage life is pretty stressful. Apparently, even more stressful than the lives of adults. In a recent stress survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, teens scored higher than adults. On […]

Did the ‘Biggest Loser’ lose too much?

How much weight loss is too much? That’s the question the Twitter users and health officials are weighing in on today, following last night’s season finale of the “Biggest Loser.” The show’s […]

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