Month: December 2014

Resolve to get pets healthier

New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for humans – our four-legged friends can benefit from healthier routines as well. Doctors from ACCES, an emergency veterinary hospital in Seattle, are encouraging pet owners […]

Stick with printed word before bed

While some may find reading a book at bedtime relaxing, researchers say it’s best to reach for the paperback rather than the e-reader. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston […]

Sick states

Washington is the sixth healthiest state, based on illness reports posted to social media. Sickweather – an app that scans social networks for indicators of illness – recently conducted a study […]

‘Eggnog: Not ideal for the lungs’

It’s all fun and games until someone inhales eggnog. A Utah County man had to learn that the hard way. At an office Christmas party earlier this month, Ryan Roche competed […]

Making impalpable breast cancer tumors palpable

Ilene LeClaire’s breast cancer journey prompted her husband to find a solution for impalpable tumors. That solution is currently in the research phase and is now moving closer to the operating […]

Tanning beds can lead to hospital visits

People visiting tanning beds may leave with more than an unseasonal glow. New research found thousands of people each year end up in emergency rooms with tanning salon-related injuries. The study […]

Tips from Former Smokers campaign returns on investment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s popular “Tips from Former Smokers” ad campaign provided an “outstanding return on investment,” according to a new analysis. The 2012 anti-smoking campaign, which featured […]

Washington is 13th healthiest state

Washington ranked 13th healthiest state in this year’s America’s Health Rankings produced by United Health Foundation. The rankings highlight Washington’s strengths – low prevalence of physical inactivity, low prevalence of low […]

Smoke from one hour of hookah equal to 150 cigarettes

New research shows that in a one-hour hookah smoking session users inhale as much smoke as someone puffing on 150 cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at the […]

CDC: Flu vaccine might not be good match

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory Wednesday, notifying providers that this year’s flu vaccine may not be a good match for circulating strains. While flu activity […]

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