Month: August 2014

CDC: E-cigarettes tempt kids to smoke

Youth who have tried electronic cigarettes are nearly twice as likely to say they would try a conventional cigarette compared with those who have never tried an e-cigarette, according to […]

Study: Parents think overweight kids are healthy weight

As waistlines continue to grow, parents are having a tougher time recognizing their children are overweight. A new study found parents are 24 percent less likely to spot a child’s weight […]

The breakfast debate

Researchers are questioning whether breakfast really helps with weight loss. Two trials tested the merits of the most important meal of the day and were published in the August issue of […]

Skip ramen for heart health

If you want to keep your heart healthy, skip the instant noodles. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that instant noodles aren’t good for the heart, especially if […]

Young athletes play hard, down-play injuries

Sports injuries landed 1.24 million kids in hospital emergency rooms in 2013 – that’s nearly 3,400 kids every day, one kid every 25 seconds. Those statistics were revealed in a new […]

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