fast food

Xtreme eating “dishonorees”

One meal from Red Lobster, paired with its trademarked margarita, contains 3,600 calories and four days’ worth of sodium – a feat that earned the meal the top spot among […]

Put a hot dog on it

Pizza Hut confirmed today its newest pizza crust will be made of little crust-wrapped hot dogs. Last month, Carl’s Jr. unveiled its “Most American Thickburger” – a burger topped with a […]

Hold the salt

A review of meals from the top restaurant chains found restaurants have decreased the amount of sodium in their meals slightly but progress has been slow and unsteady. The Center for […]

Marketing fast food to kids

Fast food restaurants may be touting efforts to promote healthier options to children, but they still have a long way to go to make a meaningful impact, according to a […]

Chain restaurant food workers won’t eat

As you may have noticed, I’m not a big fan of fast food. So I chuckled when I saw this headline: “Chain restaurant workers reveal the items they refuse to eat.” The […]

Chicken by-product nuggets

Can a chicken nugget really be a chicken nugget if it contains less than 50 percent chicken meat? Apparently, it can -- as long as the other 50 percent is chicken […]

Burger King hopes to ‘Satisfry’

Burger King is hoping its attempt at low-fat French fries will “Satisfry” the growing number of people looking for healthier options at restaurants. BK’s new Satisfries are touted as having “Big […]

Waffle taco? Seriously?

Taco Bell couldn’t let Dunkin’ Donuts have all the breakfast fun. The “Mexican” fast-food chain announced its expanding its small test of waffle tacos (Yes, you read that correctly. Waffle. Tacos.) […]

‘Heart attack on a hook’

Restaurant menus often take a beating over the healthfulness of their offerings. So what does a restaurant have to offer in order to be deemed the “worst restaurant meal in America?” Serve […]

Frappuccino calorie count

Next time you go to order a grande Caramel Frappuccino, you’ll be faced with the blended drink’s calorie count. Starbucks announced today all of its stores’ menu boards will include caloric […]

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