Month: July 2014

D.C.’s post-shutdown baby boom

Hospitals in Washington D.C. are experiencing what appears to be an aftereffect of the 16-day government shutdown in October: bustling maternity wards. Nine months after the furlough, D.C. hospitals are seeing […]

Fist bump for better hygiene

If you want to cut down on the spread of bacteria, try ditching the traditional handshake greeting and instead give a fist bump. Researchers have found that fist-bumping transmits significantly fewer […]

Kids like healthier lunch options

School administrators say kids have warmed up to the idea of healthier school lunch offerings. Last school year, administrators said kids started off the year complaining about the new offerings implemented […]

Overweight kids believe they’re thinner than they are

Many overweight and obese kids and teens in the U.S. think they are thinner than they actually are, according to a new study. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National […]

Baseball great’s death renews push to ban chewing tobacco

The death of Major League Baseball great Tony Gwynn has prompted public health organizations to once again push the league to ban chewing tobacco. The 54-year-old San Diego Padre all-star died […]

Safe sun exposure apps

Want to avoid sunburn while at the beach? There’s an app for that. Smartphones are offering apps that predict how much UV exposure you’re getting and track when you may need to […]

Kids and hot cars don’t mix

Leaving kids in hot cars – or even warm cars – is never a good idea. Tragic stories of kids dying from heat stroke after being left in too-hot cars […]

Americans are stressed out

Nearly half of the people included in a nationwide survey said they’ve had a major stressful event in the past year, with most people pointing to health-related problems as the […]

Hold the salt

A review of meals from the top restaurant chains found restaurants have decreased the amount of sodium in their meals slightly but progress has been slow and unsteady. The Center for […]

Nail-biting health issues

Biting your fingernails doesn’t only make your nails look bad. It can also make you feel bad. Time magazine readers asked whether biting your nails was dangerous or just gross. The […]

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