Author: Marci Koski

How You Can Help Solve the Homeless Pet Problem

February 23 of every year is World Spay Day, which is celebrating its 22nd year in 2016.  World Spay Day was created to bring awareness to, and stop, pet over-population, […]

Don’t be rude: how to meet a cat

Between volunteering with a cat rescue organization and my cat behavior consulting business, I interact with A LOT of kitties during any given week.  And this means that I need […]

Play Aggression in Cats: Don’t be a Victim!

You love your kitty, and he's normally a very sweet cat.  You can cuddle with him, he sleeps on your bed, he stays off the counters, and he makes the […]

Make 2016 a Great Year for Cats!

Happy Mew Year!  Since the start of 2016 is not too far behind us, I was thinking about how I can help make life better for cats this year - […]

Giving Medicine to Your Cat Doesn’t Have to be a Pain!

Is giving medicine to your cat something on your daily to-do list?  If so, do you anticipate the event with dread as medication time approaches, or are you worried about […]

Fish Oil for Cats – Too Many Benefits to Pass Up!

Could your cat benefit from adding a fish oil supplement to her diet?  Most likely, yes.  Fish oil for cats has many health benefits that are only recently being recognized.  […]

Paws Need Claws – Prevent Scratching without Declawing!

Biologically, cats have claws for many important purposes: they use their claws to catch prey, leave visual and scent marks through scratching various objects, and defend themselves from other cats […]

Caring For Your Senior Cat

This time of year, when the leaves are falling and the earth begins to slumber, always gets me thinking about life and aging.  If you're like me, you have at […]

Your cat can enjoy the season’s holidays with…pumpkin!

With Halloween just behind us and Thanksgiving only a couple of weeks away, it seems like pumpkins are everywhere you look.  And this is good news for your kitty, because […]

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