Month: February 2016

Cats and a couch – All is well with the world

It’s raining, and I’ve settled onto my couch with a warm blanket, a good book, and my three cats—ahh, bliss. The sound of my three cats purring almost puts me […]

How You Can Help Solve the Homeless Pet Problem

February 23 of every year is World Spay Day, which is celebrating its 22nd year in 2016.  World Spay Day was created to bring awareness to, and stop, pet over-population, […]

My Furry Valentine

On Valentine’s Day we show love and affection to those we care about. For me that includes my husband, a few select others—and my kitties. I carefully pick out the coolest-looking […]

Don’t be rude: how to meet a cat

Between volunteering with a cat rescue organization and my cat behavior consulting business, I interact with A LOT of kitties during any given week.  And this means that I need […]

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