Month: January 2016

Getting Ready for the Big Game

Football frenzy has reached its peak as fans get ready for the Big Day, February 7. Millions—including some dogs and cats—will watch the Super Bowl game between the Panthers and […]

Play Aggression in Cats: Don’t be a Victim!

You love your kitty, and he's normally a very sweet cat.  You can cuddle with him, he sleeps on your bed, he stays off the counters, and he makes the […]

Your cat has something to ask you

It’s almost time to celebrate National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. What? Answer your cat’s questions? That was news to me, too. I thought we humans just took orders from the […]

Make 2016 a Great Year for Cats!

Happy Mew Year!  Since the start of 2016 is not too far behind us, I was thinking about how I can help make life better for cats this year - […]

Is Your Kitty Bored?

Ever find yourself saying, “What the heck? That darn cat is at it again. There goes another roll of toilet paper shredded to pieces. What has gotten into her?” Well […]

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