Month: December 2015

Giving Medicine to Your Cat Doesn’t Have to be a Pain!

Is giving medicine to your cat something on your daily to-do list?  If so, do you anticipate the event with dread as medication time approaches, or are you worried about […]

Is Your Kitty Overweight?

The coming of the new year will be here before you know it. For us humans it seems to be a time of reflection on the year that has just […]

Fish Oil for Cats – Too Many Benefits to Pass Up!

Could your cat benefit from adding a fish oil supplement to her diet?  Most likely, yes.  Fish oil for cats has many health benefits that are only recently being recognized.  […]

Give the gift of Love

The holiday season is upon us and my thoughts turn to counting my blessings. They say that gratitude makes us happier and I believe that. Scientific research even backs that […]

Paws Need Claws – Prevent Scratching without Declawing!

Biologically, cats have claws for many important purposes: they use their claws to catch prey, leave visual and scent marks through scratching various objects, and defend themselves from other cats […]

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