Sunday at Washington Park

Jamie and I hooked up for our last trip of Summer ’14. Today, we visited Washington Park — such a treasure right in the center of the city! Oh, Portland you have it all! Thanks for being so hospitable.    Chrisetta MosleyI am a product – and now a survivor – of childhood obesity. As […]

Get Fit Physical Night

A couple months ago, I became the lead of my church’s Health Ministry – Get Fit. The idea behind the ministry is to Get Fit: Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically. Tuesday night, we had a Get Fit Physical Night led by Sean Overton a Certified Personal Trainer. Sean was great! He led a fun, but […]

Saturday Soul Stroll

I had a blast this morning at the annual Soul Stroll. I signed up with my church family, but it ended up my employer was co-sponsoring the event so I saw some of my co-workers too. I ran into lots and lots of folks I haven’t seen in forever. We talked, laughed, danced to good […]

Back on Track

I typically don’t like to bog you down with all my personal stuff. It is after all personal. But, this year has been extremely difficult for me. My year started off with me almost dying from sepsis. I was the sickest I’ve EVER been in my life. Then, after taking the yucky antibotics to clear […]

Saturday at Sauvie’s Island

My summer adventures continued with the scent of lavender, wheat fields, beautiful flowers, wildlife, bridges, bodies of water some vast, some not and mountain tops. There’s so much to be seen here in the great Pacific Northwest. You don’t have to travel far or be loaded with cash. You only have, to have a heart […]

Saturday at The Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge has it all — majestic views, fruit orchards, wineries, water falls, mountains, clean air, and on this particular Saturday — warm temperatures and sunshine.        Oooo la la.        Chrisetta MosleyI am a product – and now a survivor – of childhood obesity. As a child, my family always told […]

Mouthwatering Munchies for Teens: Camas Public Library

I had a blast today at the Camas Public Library hosting Mouthwatering Munchies for teens. It’s always a good time showing them how simple and fun cooking can be. I have the coolest “job” ever! We whipped up delicious snacks using whole foods: – Blueberry Kale Banana Smoothies – Oat Energy Bars – Brown Bag […]

Farewell Fatso! Celebrates 4 years

July 2010: I began penning my lifetime battle with obesity in a blog, Farewell Fatso! I never imagined all the places blogging would take me. Nor the doors of opportunity that would be opened for me because of my willingness to share my story and take chances on myself. To all of you who have […]

Summer Time Tips

I hope everyone has been enjoying our Pacific Northwest summer! I have been a busy bee out in our yard; trimming, planting, digging. I love walking outside to the chicken coop in the mornings in flip-flops and getting some of the wetness of the grass on my feet. Little things like that make me happy. […]

Try And Make Workouts Controlled Chaos

Whenever I have the opportunity to speak to groups on fitness, audience members are usually well-armed with pen and pencil. Like any subject that has an academic side, success is derived by deconstructing complicated information in a way that makes the subject easy to understand and easy to remember. To that end, my thoughts of […]

Fitness Uses For Office Furniture

The image of countless workers exercising at their desks might serve as the fodder for office jokes, but it might not seem as crazy as it sounds. One of the greatest enemies to a  long and functional life, are activities that keep the  human body sedentary for inordinate amounts of time.  Take a moment to […]

Agility Begins At Childhood

This past week I had the pleasure of putting on a speed and agility clinic for young athletes.  What makes these clinics and workshops enlightening is the broad spectrum of athletic ability each of the youngsters represents when they are taught to perform  various techniques that enhance their movement skills. As a teacher, part of […]

To Screen or Not to Screen…

Screening for disease.  It makes sense to try to find a disease before symptoms arise.  Unfortunately not all diseases or conditions lend themselves to screening, and not all screening tests offer the same value.   Inappropriate screening can lead to over-diagnosis or mis-diagnosis with a false positive test.  That can lead to further testing , […]

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Homemade Buttermilk

I grew up drinking buttermilk thanks to my grandma. She also cultivated in me a deep regard for coffee and All My Children. When Grandma was moved from her home into a convalescent hospital, I lost my buttermilk-drinking buddy (and an awful lot more). Through the years I kept my coffee habit going, and caught […]

Conquering The All-Mighty Pull-Up

When “Mary” came to our training center, she was comfortable sharing that one of her life fitness goals was to perform one or more pull-ups. Anyone who has been subject to any fitness challenge or test will agree that when we force any of our limbs to support the weight of our torso against the […]

Resolution Check

Can two events be simultaneously encouraging and disappointing all withing a period of a few weeks? The normal inclination would be to answer that with an emphatic “yes” as we have all seen high expectations erode to disappointment at some time or another.  But the kind of juxtaposed elation and disappointment I’m referring to comes […]

Ohhh, my aching….. head!

When is a headache not a headache? When it’s a sign that there is something else more serious going on….. that’s what we all worry about with our off-and-on aches and pains, but headache pain is particularly worrisome. We fear bleeds, stroke, cancers, seizures…. Fortunately most headaches are not dangerous and can be easily managed […]

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Don’t Laugh At The Calve

Okay, so it’s a play with words.  The “calves” I’m speaking of are not of the bovine variety.  In fact they reside on that lower portion of the leg below the knee and comprise the “meat” of the lower leg. The human calves, can be a site to behold whether they are small and thin, […]

Getting ready for baby…

Upon the recent arrival of my new great-niece, I’m posting about preparing for pregnancy.  Since almost half of all pregnancies are unplanned, being prepared now for those of reproductive age will help achieve the best and healthiest outcomes. Chronic illness, infection, poor nutrition, under- or over-weight and unhealthy habits (such as tobacco or substance use) […]

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vaccination redux

Even though the false theory about vaccination-related autism has been thoroughly debunked and discredited, the original article withdrawn and the researcher originating the myth having lost his medical license, the myth persists. As a result, many families still avoid vaccinations. One of the sad results is this mistaken action is contributing to the resurgence of […]

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