Antibiotics and the common cold

You know the symptoms. It often starts with a sore throat, then graduates to the runny nose, cough, nasal congestion. Those symptoms are evidence your immune system is at work fighting off the invading “microbe” so it doesn’t get deep into your respiratory system. This is a big deal because the common cold is the […]

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Let’s talk sleep….. zzzz…..

Let’s talk sleep. Seems we don’t get enough. Studies show most of us need 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep yet the average American adult sleeps only 6.9 hours per night. One survey found nearly 70% of primary care patients complained of insomnia. About a third of patients who slept less than 7 hours during the […]

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Drink Responsibly this Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day is the national holiday where we as Americans join together to remember and honor those killed while protecting our freedoms. It also marks the beginning of summer and the longed for end of the rainy season. While the weather here in the great Northwest is often not as sunny or warm as we […]

There Are No “Accidents”

SPOILER ALERT: This post may be a little jaded to the “plaintiff’s attorney” side of me. But, if you hear me out, I believe you (even you defense attorneys out there) will get my point, and maybe even agree with it. Too often the public refers to car crashes as “accidents.” Feel free to disagree with […]

Do I Really Need to Share the Road with “Them”?

e have all seen more motorcycles and bicycles on our roadways recently–blame it on the sun. During the past two weeks three motorcyclists injured in crashes caused by other drivers retained our firm to represent them. Unfortunately, if history is any indication of the future, these clients are only the tip of the iceberg of injured […]

“Make Safe” Enters the World of the Blog

Something you should know.  I’m a personal injury attorney practicing in Vancouver, Washington.  If you were not completely put off by this, you should know that I’m also a husband to my amazing wife, Melissa, and a proud father to our three children.  Together, Melissa and I have chosen to make Vancouver our home as […]

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