Month: June 2014

NBA Free Agency: Blazers Reportedly Interested In Detroit’s Greg Monroe, Blazers GM Meets With Spencer Hawes

NBA free agency has begun! The Blazers are armed with a couple of exceptions, the midlevel and the biannual, which they will need to use wisely. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! […]

Trail Mix: Dame’s Wishes, Free Agency Looms

After Damian Lillard's first two seasons, capped by his series winning shot against the Houston Rockets, he's risen to the elite of the NBA. So, I guess he's earned the right […]

Once A Blazer: Ha Seung-Jin

The Blazers draft night came and went with a whimper. It's Friday and there's no World Cup to hold you over until the weekend. Fear not! We have a Friday installment […]

Wojnarowski: Blazers Offer LaMarcus Aldridge 3-Year Max Contract Extension, Aldridge Unlikely To Sign This Summer

The Portland Trail Blazers have formally offered All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge a 3-year maximum contract extension worth over $55 million according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Wojnarowski writes Aldridge's chance of […]

The “STAY” Nick Young Ad Campaign Is Real

Nick Young is a free agent and he just finished his first season playing for his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. He's a volume scorer known for his on-court joy, his […]

Trail Mix: Blazer Opt-Outs, Draft, Free Agency

For NBA fans, yes, the season really never stops. But objectively, we aren't talking about a whole lot in the summer. I mean it seems like we've been talking about […]

Once A Blazer: Alaa Abdelnaby

Welcome to the latest installment of Once A Blazer. Previous installments: Gary Gregor Today, it's Alaa Abdelnaby. Born in Cairo, Egypt on June 24, 1968 according to OR He was born in Alexandria, Egypt on that […]

Trail Mix: The Week In Blazers

Apologies for not putting up things on the blog lately. I was on vacation and did not take my work with me while I saw Kanye West yell at 80,000 […]

Once A Blazer: Gary Gregor

Welcome to the first installment of "Once A Blazer." There have been 300 players that have worn the Blazers uniform since the franchise started in 1970. We are not going to […]

Trail Mix: Nicolas Batum Goes To Normandy On 70th D-Day Anniversary

Of course, in the offseason there isn't a whole lot of Blazers content out there but we gathered what we could find, put it in a bag and maybe you […]

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