Month: July 2013

Local man’s “Biden defense” makes “The Daily Show”

As reporter Paris Achen reported earlier this month, a Vancouver man who pleaded not guilty to illegally discharging a firearm said he was following the advice of Vice President Joe […]

Who loves Topper?

Well, it wouldn't be a proper campaign season without sign drama, but two types of signs reek of desperation. Councilor Jack Burkman posted this photo on Facebook over the weekend: Yes, "Burkman: […]

Leavitt flexes for Inslee

On July 26, Gov. Jay Inslee finished his day in Vancouver by shooting hoops with Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt at the Boys & Girls Club at the Jim Parsley Community […]

Straight talk with Tom Mielke

Commissioner Tom Mielke engaged in some straight-up, down-on-the-farm, no-nonsense conversation last week as commissioners debated what to do about a lingering contract dispute with the Humane Society of Southwest Washington […]

Mielke has a tough day of public testimony

Commissioner Steve Stuart is currently the chair of the board of Clark County commissioners. That means he leads the process of the meetings as best he can. He gets public […]

Women endorsed by women & Republicans endorsed by Republicans

And now, a guest post by state political reporter Stevie Mathieu, who wrote a profile of a new political action committee, H-Roc, in January: A political action committee aimed at supporting […]

Swing vote Stuart

You may have read that Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke are at loggerheads over how late wineries can play music at their events and tastings. Madore says let 'em party […]

Firefighters don’t take a stand in Stewart race

The Vancouver Firefighters Union has endorsed Anne McEnerny-Ogle in her bid to defeat Councilor Jeanne Harris and Councilor Jack Burkman in his re-election effort, but is staying quiet about Councilor […]

It’s a “meaningful” life

Tucked tightly into the rich, dense story mine that is the Clark County commissioners' weekly board time meeting was an out-of-place conversationĀ about state legislators' compensation prompted by Commissioner David Madore. Here's […]

NYT: Leavitt and Hales have “picked up the ball” after CRC collapse

The New York Times published an article Tuesday on the failed Columbia River Crossing headlined, "Washington and Oregon Cities Try to Evade Political Jam to Build a Bridge." The gist of […]

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