Month: July 2013

Five out of seven city councilors agree to play by the rules

On Monday, the Vancouver City Council outdid themselves: They couldn't even all agree to adopt a basic set of guidelines on how to behave. Mayor Tim Leavitt's idea for a "council […]

Is it just me, or did this block go downhill since we ran out of Lucky Lager?

Last week we reported on the transformation a gravel lot filled with garbage in downtown Vancouver into a better-named gravel lot where garbage gets picked up. The city block, now called […]

Play ball!

On Saturday, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart and Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt led teams in a celebrity kickball match at Luke Jensen Sports Complex to benefit the Dream Big Community […]

No more CRC? No problem

There's been a familiar formula for public comment at C-Tran board meetings in recent years. It usually goes something like this: Columbia River Crossing. Light rail. Vote of the people. Rinse. […]

Commissioners talk and talk and talk on new river crossing and zombies

Earlier this week, commissioners talked next steps on transportation projects now that the Columbia River Crossing is dead. And that 25 minute discussion might be one of the most substantial and […]

Commissioners a treasure?

The winner of our caption contest received his prize this week: a lapel pin and a drawing of the three Clark County commissioners completed in five minutes between county meetings. The […]

Caption contest winners: job candidates, internal politics and Anthony Weiner

Last week we challenged our readers to come up with captions for this photo: And we had a great response! Unfortunately, Facebook ate a dozen of the comments. Kind of a bad […]

Columbia River Crossing: 2005-2013

You've probably heard by now that the Columbia River Crossing is dead. Writing the story Saturday night, after the Washington and Oregon governors pulled the plug on the $3.4 billion megaproject, […]

Eyman: The CRC isn’t dead

The Columbia River Crossing may be dead, but an anti-CRC group still is trying to raise money for an attorney who will represent them in a lawsuit against the city […]

What a waste — of 23 cents

I was irritated to find this in my mailbox recently: ¬†                                   No offense to the girls playing in the Esther Short Park water feature.¬†Specifically, I was bugged by seeing these names. While […]

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