Firefighters don’t take a stand in Stewart race

The Vancouver Firefighters Union has endorsed Anne McEnerny-Ogle in her bid to defeat Councilor Jeanne Harris and Councilor Jack Burkman in his re-election effort, but is staying quiet about Councilor Jeanne Stewart’s race.

Mark Johnston, president of IAFF Local 452, said today that there was internal debate over what to do in Stewart’s race, where she’s facing challengers Ty Stober and Alishia Topper.

The union’s next meeting isn’t until Aug. 7, the day after the primary.

Johnston said the union will endorse in all of the council races prior to the November general election.

Of Burkman, the union’s endorsement read, in part, “Jack has been firmly committed to the citizens of Vancouver by advocating strongly for public safety. He recognizes the needs of the fire department, including replacement of aging and outdated facilities, committing to finding a funding solution so that service can continue to be provided at a high level and keeping professional, highly trained personnel.”

Of McEnerny-Ogle, the endorsement read, in part, “She has worked tirelessly to improve the community and has led the charge to make Vancouver a livable place for the citizens of Vancouver. Her belief that public safety is a vital core service for the city to provide its citizens was apparent after the closure of the fire station on 112th Avenue. She was an outspoken advocate, speaking to council on several occasions in favor of reopening the fire station. Thanks to her efforts as well as others, the fire station was able to be opened up again, eliminating the hole in the safety net that covers the city. ”






Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

I cover Vancouver city government. Reach me at or 360-735-4508.

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