Month: May 2013

Leek and potato soup in a hurry

With two big leeks languishing in my fridge, I needed to make soup. That was my penny-pinching side talking to me. Then another thought popped into my head: So what […]

Hanoi-style street-food classic: Bun cha ha noi

Another dinner and another chance to try a recipe in Nancie McDermott's "Quick and Easy Vietnamese" cookbook. This time "Grilled Pork Patties with Lettuce, Noodles, Peanuts, and Mint, Hanoi Style" […]

Eggplant, take a bow

  I hated eggplant for decades. Then my son Ruben made Eggplant Parmesan. I tried it at home; I tried it at Italian restaurants in Seattle and Portland. I erased all bad […]

Golden fish with asparagus

After my yoga class, we needed a dinner that wouldn't take hours to get on the table. The best measure? In the time it took to sip one gin and […]

Mexican fare in the Emerald City

Last weekend's Cinco de Mayo reminds me that you might want to know of Seattle neighborhood Mexican restaurants that are tops in my book. The first, Poquitos, is on Capitol Hill, […]

Vietnamese food on the table

Good evening, Vietnam! Your salty, fiery and sweet flavors have captured my imagination, thanks mostly to two books: "Quick and Easy Vietnamese" by Nancie McDermott and "Vietnamese Home Cooking for Everyone" by […]

Gather around the table

When I was in college, my dad said, "You should probably learn how to cook." English lit major that I was, I replied: "Anyone who can read can cook." That was 45 […]

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