Mexican fare in the Emerald City

Last weekend’s Cinco de Mayo reminds me that you might want to know of Seattle neighborhood Mexican restaurants that are tops in my book.

The first, Poquitos, is on Capitol Hill, just up Pike Street from downtown. Every year I travel with a group of friends, all former co-workers, to Seattle for a Christmas shopping weekend. Last December, we descended on Poquitos for a fabulous dinner. The restaurant has earned praise in Seattle magazine, and it lived up to its growing reputation. I had carnitas, which came with homemade guacamole. Friends tried the ceviche and yam enchiladas.

The other good restaurant find is La Carta De Oaxaca in the Ballard neighborhood. I’ve eaten there twice, both times for lunch. A couple of weeks ago, I had the fresh halibut tacos mostly because the people next to me were raving about them. I wasn’t disappointed. The fish was moist and tender. It wasn’t fried. It came with a light and slightly spicy tomato cream sauce. The meal was perfect before hitting the traffic on I-5 southbound.

From time to time, I’ll tell you about restaurant finds in Seattle on this blog. For now, if you’re up north and dreaming about Mexican food, keep Poquitos and La Carta in mind. Here are their websites where you can get the full rundown: and


Janet Cleaveland

Janet Cleaveland

What happens when a retired journalist spends a lot more time in the kitchen than in past years? She tries new dishes and jumps at the chance to write a blog about food, family and good times. My kids are grown now, but I'll be looking back at how they learned to cook, what recipes my husband (the Intrepid One) and I are experimenting with, and how food and conversation make for happy times in the kitchen. I worked for The Columbian for 15 years as a copy editor and another 10 elsewhere, though I didn't start out as a journalist. I thought I wanted to teach English literature. My husband grew up in Clark County, and I've lived here since 1983. My kids have grown and left home. Like my husband of 52 years, our adopted chocolate Lab would never pass up a chance for a tasty meal.

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