Month: December 2014

Trend reversal: more WA men voted this election

The Washington secretary of state's office compiled statistics showing voter participation by voting age population (which is not the same as registered voters, it includes people who are eligible to vote […]

I’ll see your contempt and raise you a …

In September, the Washington Supreme Court held the Legislature in contempt for not adequately funding the state’s public schools. It was an unprecedented ruling. The court gave lawmakers until after the 2015 […]

Remembering when Biden “ate hipster ice cream like a boss”

The White House took a look at their favorite digital moments with Vice President Joe Biden this year. Biden’s first White House selfie with President Barack Obama is pretty good. The Vice […]

Washington’s minimum wage will remain nation’s highest

Starting the first of the year, the minimum wage will increase in 20 states but Washington's rate will remain the highest in the nation. Workers in Washington earning the minimum wage will […]

CRC in the national spotlight again

Bloomberg News may not have a huge following in Clark County, but the New York-based outlet turned heads Friday with a lengthy piece recounting the demise of the Columbia River […]

Throwback Thursday: Brian Baird on the Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert once opened up a segment on his show called "Better Know a District" with a game of word association. "I'll say a word and you say the first thing […]

Gov’s budget: Taxes not duct tape

[caption id="attachment_2299" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Gov. Jay Inslee holds a press conference in support of the Columbia River Crossing after meeting with business leaders at the Vancouver Community Library on March […]

Bipartisan breakfast

[caption id="attachment_1955" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The legislative building in Olympia.[/caption] During a legislative outlook breakfast this morning, Kelly Love, president of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, had a couple of tips […]

The campaign for $15

This week, thousands of people across the nation marched to support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Back at home, Washington state has a front row seat to the […]

Debate over gun control will likely continue in Olympia

The debate over gun control in Washington state is not over. This week, voter-approved Initiative 594, which expands background checks on online and personal gun sales, went into effect. Fresh off their […]

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