Thirty Thousand Kittens

Are you a cat person? If yes, then the idea of a "kitten season" probably sounds like a dream come true. Kitten season is a real thing and - sadly […]

May animal community talks

Join the Animal Community Talks at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 24: 'Training Methods: No Two Trainers Are Exactly Alike' by Mary Majchrowski of Bravo Dog Training 'Desensitization and Counterconditioning: The Details Make All the Difference!' […]

7 Famous Felines from Film

Cats, they’re everywhere. They’re hands-down the most frequently referenced animals on the Internet. Found featured in hilarious YouTube videos and captioned memes, cats offer free laughs to the masses. If […]

Free spay and neuter event for cats

On Tuesday, January 28, the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland's Spay & Save program is offering free Spay and Neuter surgeries for cats and a central Clackamas County drop-off and […]

Crazy Things Dogs Have Swallowed

In many households, pets are an integral part of the family. They provide constant companionship and loyalty to their pet parents. With their keen sense of smell, dogs also have […]

Yorkie Bumble

Looking for a Yorkie? Look no further here is a Yorkie mix looking for a home. Please rescue this boy named Bumble. He would love to be your lap dog. He […]

Little Chihuahuas Need Home

Hello my name is Tina I am a perfect lap dog. I have a best friend Lola, who also needs a home. Because we are BFF's so they want us […]

Danger Food for Pets

Most dogs love food, and what you eat, they want. Sharing some things are fine, however, dogs do have some limits that you should know about. Some foods can be […]

Portland Pet Expo is coming

Mark you calendars, you are all invited to the big event of the year for pets of all sizes. Yep, the Portland Pet Expo is Oct. 12 the to Expo […]

What you need to know about tracheal collapse in dogs

Tracheal Collapse is a disease involving the collapse of a pet's windpipe, or trachea. This can cause a narrow opening in the trachea making it hard to breath. The disease […]

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