Crazy Things Dogs Have Swallowed

dog swallowing items

In many households, pets are an integral part of the family. They provide constant companionship and loyalty to their pet parents. With their keen sense of smell, dogs also have a curiosity that is easily piqued by a wide variety of items. Interested, many dogs then choose to investigate with their mouths. That’s why dogs have been known to swallow quite a few crazy things.

A Day at the Beach

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the sand between your toes makes for the perfect day at the beach. That is, until one dog decided to shovel up sand with his mouth. The pup suffered a hefty stomachache, though a trip to the veterinarian fixed him up just fine.

Cookout Catastrophe

It is important to keep an eye out for your dog around a grill for safety reasons, but one pet owner found out that it’s also very important to keep all the fixings in the kitchen out of her dog’s reach. Her dog ate multiple ears of corn and had to have them surgically removed. It may be best to keep your dog supervised or on a leash away from the food station.

Rock and a Hard Place

We all know rock beats scissors, but did you know dog beats rock? One adventurous dog managed to gobble up nearly a dozen rocks before his pet parent was able to put a stop to snack time. Luckily, a veterinarian was able to induce vomiting, and all the rocks were retrieved.

A Non-Ideal Pairing

Imagine that you’ve saved up enough cash for a quality engagement ring to present your fiancée. You’ve planned a fancy dinner and, if all goes according to plan, this will be one of the greatest nights of your entire life. You reach for the box with the ring, only to find it missing and your dog sporting a particularly happy grin. Sadly, this is a fairly common tale. There have been numerous reports of dogs swallowing a wide variety of rings, jewels and pendants.

Having a Ball

Dogs love to play fetch, so it’s natural that a variety of toys would be littering the dog park. It’s really important to pick up your toys when you’re done playing or your dog may do it for you. One pup picked up a tennis ball that had been left behind at the park and, when his pet parent tried to retrieve it, the dog swallowed it whole. Other dogs have been known to swallow golf balls, softballs— even a soccer ball!

Feline Foibles

To be fair, dogs aren’t the only pets known to get into mischief. Cats, regardless of whether or not they live strictly indoors, deserve a mention, too. Some cats have eaten pieces of yarn and drawstring that can be a couple of feet long. Also, one kitty swallowed a piece of a feather cat toy and needed surgery to remove it.


As our best friends, our dogs have access to our most common items and accessories. Unfortunately, as long as they continue to choose to use their mouths as investigative tools, dogs will only further baffle and bewilder us with the growing list of what they manage to swallow. If you’re looking to follow and keep track of up-to-date pet-health news, ASPCA Pet Insurance’s Facebook page and Twitter page both stream the latest news stories.

Note: Information gathered from various online and pet insurance sources. 

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