Month: December 2013

Home for the Holiday-Lacey

A home before Christmas, that's all that I want. I'm sitting here waiting for someone to love. As I watch people pass me by, looking for a best friend, wondering […]

Pets go green

These days many consumers are buying more Eco-friendly pet products. It has become hip for companies to create beds, collars, toys and even clothing from recycled products. Not only does […]

Star, the little elf

A Holiday Wish From A Little Star Elf may the new year bring peace to all of God's elves. A blanket, a coat, some gloves to stay warm all donated to […]

Crazy Things Dogs Have Swallowed

In many households, pets are an integral part of the family. They provide constant companionship and loyalty to their pet parents. With their keen sense of smell, dogs also have […]

Who wants Peaches?

Who wants Peaches? She is a lhasa apso looking for a home for the holidays. She is 12 years old, so all the puppyness is out of the way. She […]

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