Author: Ol' Mick

Can Thanksgiving be exciting?

The Thanksgiving food ads started some weeks ago, and in newspaper food sections, magazine articles and the various TV cooking shows, we’re urged to try something different.  Maybe an Asian […]

More Fall Food!

I liked Janine's Beef Bourguignon recipe (see her post); I'll add to the fall food idea. Biscuit gets excited when fall rolls in; she says it’s her favorite time of year, […]

You’re on an island….deal with it

     I’m slow in writing, but I've been affected with island lassitude. This summer, we rented a home on San Juan Island. Ours overlooks San Juan Strait, with lots of […]

Tomatoes already?

I kind of went crazy at the farmer’s market the other day and bought too many tomatoes. I was anxious to try first really good ones of the year that […]

Always room for herbs

Couple of issues back, Bon Appétit had their cover photo of pasta with a parsley pesto. I was reminded of how tasty  a simple pasta dish is with just one […]

Murder and Gourmet Food?

When I was a kid growing up in Wyoming, long winters encouraged outdoor sports: skiing, ice-skating and snow-camping, but at night, sometimes eschewing homework, I’d read voraciously. One of my favorite […]

Strawberries! Raspberries! Blackberries! Oh My!

OK, so it’s the time of year for the obligatory fresh fruit blog post. And you’d have to be totally gastronomically clueless not to know we live in Berry Heaven. […]

The Conqueror’s Diet

One of the best books on food I've read doesn't have a single recipe.   It’s Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel.  You've probably already read it; it was first published […]

Pac NW bests: Salmon!

Saturday, fishing for spring salmon reopened, and I caught a nice 21 lb. hen Chinook. I went with one of my fishing buddies, Custus, to our secret spot on the […]

Cooking life begins…..

OK, full disclosure. My mother was a terrible cook. She married young, lived with her mother during WWII, and was busy giving birth to two children. So after the war, […]

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