Month: May 2013

Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters

  This week, I had the honor of meeting Kenny and Sue Fletcher, owners of Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters, and let me tell you what a treat that was! I sat […]

Margarita + Guacamole time

As the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer, there is nothing that quite says summer to me more than barbeques, chips with guacamole and margaritas. So even though […]

Something Old . . .

The recent cool weather gave me the perfect excuse to make one of our favorite comfort foods: lentil soup.  I’ve made it so many times over the years that it […]

Pac NW bests: Salmon!

Saturday, fishing for spring salmon reopened, and I caught a nice 21 lb. hen Chinook. I went with one of my fishing buddies, Custus, to our secret spot on the […]

Cooking life begins…..

OK, full disclosure. My mother was a terrible cook. She married young, lived with her mother during WWII, and was busy giving birth to two children. So after the war, […]

What was on my table this weekend?

What was on my table this weekend? A knife, a fork and chopsticks. Why would I need chopsticks when I had a knife and fork? A couple of years ago […]

What If I Cooked Everything I Have Pinned On Pinterest?

About 6 months ago I, like millions of others, discovered Pinterest. I quickly became not only a fan, but an addict of the beautiful photos of food, the attached recipes and […]

You still have time to make comfort food!

Last year, our younger daughter and her husband moved back to this area. My son-in-law, leaving Seattle, where he grew up, thought it would be a great idea to institute […]

Dogg and Katt in the House

You will get to know us as “Dogg and Katt,” sobriquets earned from family and friends over many years. For right now, suffice it to say that we married young, […]

A Whole New World

I have often contemplated starting a food blog, but never quite knew how. Some people make their sites look so incredible and enticing, and I would get overwhelmed before I'd […]

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