Dogg and Katt in the House

You will get to know us as “Dogg and Katt,” sobriquets earned from family and friends over many years. For right now, suffice it to say that we married young, raised a family of four kids in remote southern Oregon for nearly two decades, then packed up everything and relocated to the even more remote Alaska. Our two eldest daughters are firmly convinced that we were hippies while living on the Oregon coast. Might have been the VW bus. Might have been the sheep, cows, rabbits, pigs, and huge raised bed garden that provided for us year round. Might have been the fresh pasta Nan Katt produced regularly. Most of our early culinary experiments were inventions of necessity. Money was very scarce; local resources were more plentiful and oftentimes easier to obtain.

Family is very important to us, which is why we relocated to southwestern Washington in 2004. At one time all six grandkids were within an hour’s drive. Three are now in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and one other is in college. We still get together often for holidays and special events, which is something we would like to share with you. Adventure is also on the table. Four of us “baby boomer” couples get together quarterly to share food and fun. We will share some of those gatherings, as the food is always the focus.

We’re not sure how often we will post, maybe weekly, but will do our best to ensure that each posting is as elucidating and enlightening as possible.

Larry and Nancy Johnson


Dogg & Katt

Longtime educators in Chicago, Oregon, and Alaska, relocating to Woodland, Washington in 2004 to be closer to family. NanKatt gardens and tries to keep Dogg, who mostly just golfs and lazes around, in line. Have one old big dog, Kiita, and three housecats who view us as waitstaff when not engrossed in watching our abundant backyard wildlife or sleeping. NPR, jazz music, sports, and "Chopped" define our listening/viewing habits, while a deep appreciation of the written word, any written word, occupies much of our unscheduled time.

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