Uff da!

I know the holiday season is upon us when I have to make the lefsa… and this is serious- make no mistake! I am certain, that if I did not […]

Can Thanksgiving be exciting?

The Thanksgiving food ads started some weeks ago, and in newspaper food sections, magazine articles and the various TV cooking shows, we’re urged to try something different.  Maybe an Asian […]

Best Ever Brisket Chili

Do you add browned hamburger to your chili? Why not try smoked brisket?! The brisket brings the chili alive and imparts a rich taste that hamburger just can't touch. The secret […]

Malus Domestica

Immortality, fruitfulness, a love charm, a cure: Apples can easily be called the world’s most beloved fruit, now and throughout history.  Today there are well over 7,500 varieties grown all over […]

Bad Nuts and Good Nuts!

I earned my “Worst Parent of the Year” award this last week! I ended up poisoning myself and my daughter and we ended up in the ER for a number […]

Razor Clamming- What A Night!

Every day I read the paper online, have for years actually, and when I read that clamming season was going to open for two extended weekends in October, I thought […]

Curry-Rubbed Game Hens Stuffed With Basmati Rice, Pecans and Cranberries

I absolutely love The Oregonian's FOODday column. Here is a 'gem' from their archives. The hardest part of this recipe was having enough patience for the game hens to thaw.☺ I made […]

My Wonderful Steam Juicer!

I love my steam juicer. It is one of the “coolest” kitchen toys I use — hands down. I inherited my steamer. For some strange reason, in the early sixties, my […]

More Fall Food!

I liked Janine's Beef Bourguignon recipe (see her post); I'll add to the fall food idea. Biscuit gets excited when fall rolls in; she says it’s her favorite time of year, […]

Beef Bourguignon

I love fall. All of it! But let me back up. At the Clark County Fair, I connected up with a 4-H family that raises market hogs, so I bought one. […]

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