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Insured but can’t afford medical care

Twenty-five percent of adults who purchased health plans last year went without needed medical care because they couldn’t afford it. A report released Thursday by Families USA revealed that those who […]

Diabetes costs the state billions each year

As the number of people with diabetes increases, so does the financial impact of the disease to the state. Diabetes in Washington led to direct medical costs of $3.75 billion in […]

Health care’s dramatic cost variation

Hospitals across the U.S. charge tens of thousands of dollars more than other hospitals for the same procedures – sometimes within the same metro areas. That was a key finding of […]

Smoking costs Washingtonians $1.7 million in lifetime

A pack-a-day smoker in Washington spends more than $1 million on tobacco and hundreds of thousands more on smoking-related costs. In light of Tobacco-Free Awareness Week, WalletHub calculated the financial costs […]

Nurses feel unprepared for Ebola

A recent survey of nurses found the majority of nurses don’t feel safe or prepared for the unfolding Ebola situation. The survey, conducted by the online networking site for nurses,, […]

U.S. health care ranks last, again

The U.S. health care system ranks last – not an unfamiliar position – among industrialized countries, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report. The 2014 report looks at the health care […]

Advertising the ACA

Turns out, the Affordable Care Act has a funny side. For the last couple months, health officials have been trying to spread the word about the new insurance exchanges created under […]

Uncle Sam in the exam room

Have you seen the creepy Uncle Sam videos making the rounds on the Internet? If you have, then you certainly know what I’m talking about. If not, allow me to fill […]

Why are health care costs so high?

Here's an interesting video on the high cost of health care in America that's making its rounds on the Internet. Thoughts? […]

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