Month: January 2015

WSU Veterinary College wants to examine overweight canines

Overweight humans can have unhealthy hearts due to excessive body fat, but do overweight dogs? Maintaining an ideal body weight and fat percentage is important to human cardiac health, but is […]

E-cigarette vapor contains hidden formaldehyde

Something for the “gross” file: Researchers have discovered that e-cigarette vapor contains formaldehyde. Researchers have long known cigarette smoke contains formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. But, at least initially, many thought […]

Health care’s dramatic cost variation

Hospitals across the U.S. charge tens of thousands of dollars more than other hospitals for the same procedures – sometimes within the same metro areas. That was a key finding of […]

Smoking costs Washingtonians $1.7 million in lifetime

A pack-a-day smoker in Washington spends more than $1 million on tobacco and hundreds of thousands more on smoking-related costs. In light of Tobacco-Free Awareness Week, WalletHub calculated the financial costs […]

Study: Workaholics are riskier drinkers

A new study found people who work long hours are more likely to increase their alcohol consumption to levels that pose a health risk. The study, published in the journal BMJ, […]

Report: Alcohol poisoning kills six people every day

An average of six people die each day in the U.S. from alcohol poisoning. That’s equal to about 2,200 adults. The majority of alcohol poisoning deaths (76 percent) are among adults […]

Health benefits to pet ownership

A new survey found physicians overwhelmingly believe there are health benefits to owning pets. The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation partnered with Cohen Research Group to conduct an online survey […]

Providence ditches soda

Providence has a New Year’s resolution we can all get behind: Swapping sugary drinks for healthier choices. Beginning this week, Providence in Oregon is phasing out sugary drinks in its dining […]

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