This is the hard part

I debated writing about the last adoption experience that Bob and I had because I wouldn't ever want to discourage anyone from adopting an animal from the shelter. But after […]

$9 for nine lives

I follow quite a few of the Humane Society and rescue groups on Facebook. My husband volunteers for Family Dogs New Life shelter in Portland as a photographer and I […]

A little black cat crossed my path

I remember the day my mother, sister and I went to pick out our first cat. The room was small and noisy and the walls were lined with cages, filled with […]

Adding to the menagerie

My parents have adopted another cat. This brings the total in their house to three plus one corgi/German shepherd mix. They weren't really planning to adopt another animal but I know […]

The story of Rory

My husband is mostly a dog person. He's an animal lover who loves all animals equally, but he loves dogs and turkeys and goats a little more equally that he […]

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