Vancouver City Council

On city council fundraising, Glen and Perez lead the pack

Two incumbent Vancouver city councilors aren’t seeking reelection this year. The announcements from Linda Glover and Laurie Lebowsky last month sparked several early challengers for the soon-to-be open seats, and […]

Diversity delayed for Vancouver City Council

Vancouver’s push toward creating a more diverse city council has fizzled, at least for now. Like so many other long-term projects, the suspension of the city’s Community Task Force on Council […]

Want to participate in the next city council meeting?

The Vancouver city council meeting on Monday looked very different from the norm. Only one person was sitting in the council chambers at City Hall, to start. The rest of the […]

Yes, the Vancouver Farmers Market is reopening. Here’s what that means.

On Friday, Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes issued an emergency declaration that reopened the Vancouver Famers Market. Shortly afterward, my email inbox blew up with readers wanting to know how that […]

Do you want to pay for streets? The city council wants to know.

When Initiative 976 passed in November, it stripped cities of their ability to collect fees on car tabs. In Vancouver, specifically, I-976 torpedoed the Transportation Benefit District, a program that […]

Forsman asks courts to restore gun rights, again

Justin Forsman, a three-time candidate for Vancouver City Council, one-time candidate for the state senate and self-described “Champion for Freedom & Liberty” is once again asking the court to restore […]

Council candidate helps save elderly man while canvassing

David Regan, a candidate running for Vancouver City Council, was canvassing in east Vancouver on Saturday when he faced an unexpected emergency: an elderly Fairway Village resident who fell and […]

What’s up with Ty Stober’s massive campaign fund?

Ty Stober is running for city council, but you wouldn’t know it to look at his fundraising numbers. In his bid for reelection to Vancouver City Council Position 5, Stober has […]

City councilor lashes out over email

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay really doesn’t like Portland activist and newsletter-writer Richard Ellmyer, if a recent email correspondence between the two is any indication. In response to a political newsletter […]

Is Vancouver joining an opioid lawsuit?

The City of Vancouver may join a lawsuit against the companies of opioid manufacturers. At last night’s city council meeting, Councilor Ty Stober said he’d had a personal comeuppance about the […]

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