Councilor Bill Turlay

Burkman, Turlay demonstrate different research methods

Since a resident emailed the Vancouver City Council last month to inquire whether the city has ever considered a plastic bag ordinance, a few councilors have traded thoughts on the […]

Mayoral race – the sporty edition

My story on the Vancouver mayoral race ran on Sunday's front page. Last week, metro editor Craig Brown and I selected some photos of Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilor Bill Turlay […]

The hard-hitting question Turlay couldn’t answer

Wednesday's mayoral debate didn't include any memorable lines, or much debate, for that matter. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilor Bill Turlay each answered seven questions from moderator John McDonagh that had […]

Mayoral race marked by damaged and negative signs

As sure as political signs go up every election season, some signs get torn down. We rarely write news articles about sign vandalism unless someone is charged with removing or defacing a […]

Turlay jealous that Leavitt got time with Inslee

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay, who is running for mayor, was upset to learn in a July 24 Columbian article that Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt would be spending time with Gov. Jay […]

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