Month: September 2013

Stuart explains his C-Tran vote

In a 5-4 decision, anyone in the majority could be considered the deciding vote. But after the C-Tran board last week approved a plan to operate and finance light rail […]

Update: threat advisory system fixed for Coast Guard decision

The U.S. Coast Guard has approved the permit for the CRC. In response, I have updated the threat advisory system to more accurately reflect the colors that will be needed for […]

We have achieved threat level red

Clark County Commissioner David Madore has been using a nice, simple image to announce county updates on Facebook over the past few months. They look like this: But Madore upped the […]

Mayoral race marked by damaged and negative signs

As sure as political signs go up every election season, some signs get torn down. We rarely write news articles about sign vandalism unless someone is┬ácharged with removing or defacing a […]

New political action committee backed by familiar names

The first negative campaign flier is out for Vancouver council and mayoral races. It was paid for by a new political action committee, Vancouver Vitality, which is backed by familiar […]

Sign of the times: ‘Put up or shut up’

The sign says it all. A Battle Ground tipster passes along a photo purportedly of Battle Ground councilmen Philip Johnson and Shane Bowman erecting a sign displaying Johnson's now-famous rallying cry […]

Leavitt takes it off (again) for charity

Second Step Housing had another charity fashion show on Thursday. We all know what happened in 2011 when Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt was on the catwalk. Oops, he did it again. Debby Dover, […]

Our apologies to Vancouver & Clark County officials

Well, this is awkward. Here we've been making fun of the Vancouver City Council for failing to all agree on a council compact that essentially says "don't be a jerk or […]

Misplaced anger over superintendent’s private shower

Well, someone was upset about the superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools getting a private shower, and obviously wasn't sure how to express his or her anger: I know this whole "freeholder" […]

Your voter’s pamphlet will include a poem

While working on a story on the upcoming November general election, I took the time to read through Clark County's voter pamphlet. Most of it is the same old rigmarole on […]

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