comprehensive growth management plan

A draft’s a draft

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a discussion during a Clark County council’s board time in which Councilor David Madore accused planning staff from hiding information from the councilor. Here’s […]

Friends of Clark County gearing up for legal action

At least one organization is already gearing up for legal action over Clark County’s 20-year growth plan. Land-use and conservation group Friends of Clark County, whose members have been vocally opposed […]

Jeanne Stewart’s big week

It was a big week for Clark County Councilor Jeanne Stewart. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, Stewart showed she’s not afraid to stand up to fellow Councilors David Madore and Tom […]

Unequal application of hearing rules

At last week’s joint hearing of the Clark County council and Planning Commission to hear feedback on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update, Councilor David Madore set some basic ground […]

“Your dissent is respectfully rejected.”

Don’t agree with Councilor David Madore on Alternative 4? Too bad. At least that’s the message Clark County council candidate Chuck Green got today when he sent his thoughts on the Comprehensive […]

Community weighs in on Alt 4, and most aren’t happy

Here’s your last minute Public Service Announcement that you have until midnight Monday to submit comments online to Clark County on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update. Last week, we brought […]

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