No good deed goes unpunished

Last year, local dude Jim Mains did a nice gesture by attempting to remove Debbie Peterson's Oregon license plates.   Peterson, who was running an unsuccessful campaign for state legislator, had Washington plates […]

Anti-Leavitt campaign takes profane twist

Yes. That's what had been missing from the Vancouver Farmers Market:  dick jokes.   […]

“It’s put up or shut up time”

Vancouver philanthropist Ed Lynch was honored in 2012 by the Salvation Army with its most prestigious service award. He and his wife Dollie, who died in 2010, were the first couple to receive […]

Republicans’ lack of creativity on display

Really, this is the best you can do with nicknames? The Republican committee for the 17th Legislative District put up these signs targeting candidates for the Vancouver City Council. We'll give you […]


Spelling Vancouver City Council candidate Anne McEnerny-Ogle's name correctly isn't really that hard. I promise. Here's from David Madore's Facebook page, where he calls the candidate "Anne McEnerry Olga." (As for his comment […]

Mayoral race – the sporty edition

My story on the Vancouver mayoral race ran on Sunday's front page. Last week, metro editor Craig Brown and I selected some photos of Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilor Bill Turlay […]

But who do the firefighters support?

We all love firefighters. But the question is, Do they love you back? A campaign flier by Vancouver Vitality implies that if you support the Columbia River Crossing, then if your house burns […]

The hard-hitting question Turlay couldn’t answer

Wednesday's mayoral debate didn't include any memorable lines, or much debate, for that matter. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilor Bill Turlay each answered seven questions from moderator John McDonagh that had […]

Mayoral race marked by damaged and negative signs

As sure as political signs go up every election season, some signs get torn down. We rarely write news articles about sign vandalism unless someone is charged with removing or defacing a […]

New political action committee backed by familiar names

The first negative campaign flier is out for Vancouver council and mayoral races. It was paid for by a new political action committee, Vancouver Vitality, which is backed by familiar […]

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