Month: September 2013

Building industry offers suggestions for filling out ballots

The Building Industry Association of Clark County has picked its favorite candidates on the November ballot. Here's who they endorse, according to a news release from executive director Avaly Scarpelli: Vancouver Mayor:┬áTim […]

City, county parks divorce about to be final

At the end of Monday's council meeting, Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes gave an update on efforts to salvage the Vancouver-Clark County Parks and Recreation department: They haven't worked, and […]

So three lawyers walk into a C-Tran meeting…

Sounds like the setup to a bad joke, right? If only. Three attorneys -- or their legal opinions, anyway -- took center stage Tuesday before the committee mulling a possible […]

Boger beefs with Battle Ground councilors

An op-ed column by two Battle Ground city councilors didn't sit well with Washougal Councilman Brent Boger. The column, written by councilors Adrian Cortes and Mike Ciraulo, says Washougal won't […]

The written history of Clark County treasurers grows ever more incredible

Did you know the written history of Clark County treasurers is incredible? Well, it is and you should take a look at it. Current Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher called me […]

Mission accomplished, Bill

Former Clark County Administrator Bill Barron's final day on the job was Tuesday. We already ran a final story on Barron, but there's still one thing left to say about […]

This is why we can’t have nice things

Last month the Clark County commissioners hit a turning point. It appeared the bickering, the snide comments, the filibustering and the yelling had come to an end. It appeared they […]

Larson and Leavitt, Part II

This morning, conservative talk show host Lars Larson emailed Vancouver Mayor (and civil engineer) Tim Leavitt, as he's done before when he notices something in the city he doesn't like. […]

City putting premium on new parks director?

Nah. Just a mistake on the city's website. Still, such an amusing error should not go unnoticed. Check out the listed salary for the new parks and rec director! I posted this […]

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