Month: April 2013

More children at work

The post I wrote yesterday about "Take Your Child To Work Day" didn't get any horribly mean and angry comments on it. In fact, it got no comments at all. So […]

The sky is blue, the Earth is round and Burkman is running for re-election

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman will run for re-election this year. Nobody has stepped up to challenge Burkman, while the other two councilors up […]

Take your child to work day

Today is "Take Your Child to Work Day," the annual semi-holiday where children across the nation realize school is actually pretty great. And while it's probably a drag to to go […]

Assessor Van Nortwick’s online outreach

As many stories as we've written explaining how property taxes are calculated, and as many times as public officials have explained it, some people just don't get it. So kudos to […]

Leavitt, Stewart agree on at least one thing

During citizens' communication on Monday evening, the Vancouver City Council heard from a few people who want the council to pass a resolution supporting a constitutional remedy to a U.S. Supreme Court […]

Fewer seats, higher cost for Hillsboro Hops

Has anyone north of the Columbia River been tracking the latest developments with the Hillsboro Hops? Does anyone even remember that the owners of the minor league baseball team courted Vancouver […]

Disclaimer: Clark County not responsible for bad information

Last week, Clark County commissioners decided to put a link on the county website to the "other side" of opinions on the Columbia River Crossing. Apparently the county has linked to […]

A tale of two meetings

As Camas and Washougal work to either meld or further expand the two cities’ combined services — fire departments, municipal courts, animal control services, blah blah blah — there’s one […]

A drive down memory lane

Pop quiz: Anyone recognize this? Ron Onslow does. That's an old token for the Interstate 5 Bridge (back when it was called the Vancouver-Portland Toll Bridge), and the Ridgefield mayor was […]

Sheriff Lucas cleans up for company

Nice to know Clark County Sheriff Garry Lucas has good manners. Lucas, who does not allow media interviews with inmates, will let reporters into the Clark County Jail for certain stories. Most recently, he […]

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